The Hudson Valley and larger Tri-State area offer an exceedingly large number of hiking trails across different elevations and terrains.  Harriman State Park alone has over 46,000 acres of land and endless trails to hike!

Let's get out there!

Zenith builds empowerment through teamwork, shared experiences, encouragement and mutual respect.

Hiking in the Hudson Valley



Zenith Outdoor Group for Girls



Zenith girls head outdoors all Winter long. Come join us!

Now booking birthday parties and Girl Scouts troop outings. Contact us today!

​As always, all girls are welcome to attend any and all weekly outings. Let's not allow the river to separate us from potential best friends!



We can help our daughters grow by providing them with opportunities away from screens and in close contact with the people and planet around them. Encourage their curiosity and healthy risk-taking, grow their confidence and empower them by sending them outdoors!